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Owner and investor protection (overview)

Unlike other management companies we make the investor our partner ,we do not come with black and white rules in which the owner is obliged to accept, we are not in the business of it is our way or the highway, w,e after all have not spent the millions of dollars. Thus:

  •   We do not charge  3% to 5%  of gross revenue until the owner starts getting returns.
  •   We manage all GDS, but will not charge for the reservations coming from other on-line reservation companies.
  •  Gross revenue is calculated as a net revenue after all commissions.
  •  Unlike other  companies  we welcome  owners and investors  to participate with us in the development process.
  • We do not control the refurbishment fund bank account
  • Owners will have the benefits or seeing KPIs and service compliance  daily on their IPhone , IPad or Android devices.
  • in some cases we will guarantee returns

Commercially,  why investors and owners should consider Habitat's management:

  •  Because  it is a positive step that protects investor, it is sustainable  and  environmentally and community friendly.  A winning combination, we are non predatory.
  •  Because it involves the end user as a part of the protection of the environment and people like to be involved in worthy causes however small.
  •  Because the brand  potential is attractive and will assist in the increase of yield and occupancies in current resorts (under management ) and hotels.
  •  Because the labor costs associated with preopening, development, training, marketing   are lower than that of established  management companies, due to our capabilities and readily available tools
  •  The concept and niche are by nature low cost easy to manage ventures.


© Habitat Resorts and Hotels  copyright 2012 no animals or the environment were harmed in the making

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